Silkwood State School prides itself on its large, well-equipped library. Our library is home to a large collection of children's literature, information books and teacher resources. Silkwood State School P&C are strong supporters of our library making sure that funds are donated to buy the latest reading material. Weekly library borrowing is a valued process providing all students with the opportunity to develop literacy skills and very importantly, a love of literature.  All classes have weekly timetabled borrowing times, however, all students can also borrow library books before school on Wednesdays and Thursdays if they wish.

Library borrowing:

Wednesdays – Prep/Year 1/Year 2
Thursdays – Year 3/Year 4/Year 5/Year 6

All students are asked to bring a strong waterproof bag to protect their books.


Library catalogue:

Students may access the catalogue online at this address.

They may even reserve books online.


Library monitors:

Students at Silkwood State School are very fortunate to have a very dedicated band of workers who open up the library every Thursday lunchtime for our students. Not only do they set up the library with games and craft activities also but they help with everyday library jobs such as filing away and returning books, setting up displays and tidying up our shelves.


Reading tutors:

Our Reading Tutor team operates every Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes at 1.00pm. Our tutors are students from Year 5 and 6 who have been trained with strategies to support students in their reading. This time is an opportunity for those who may need a little extra practise or simply those who would love to read to older students.


Special library events:

National Simultaneous Storytime


National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is an annual Australia wide event where all children across Australia read an Australian children's book on the same date at the same time. This event is designed to promote the value of reading and literacy.

On the last Wednesday in May, all the children at Silkwood State School join together to listen to this book. Siblings and playgroup children are invited to join in with the fun.

They then participate in an afternoon of fun craft activities in in the library.


Book Week


Book Week is another important day in the library calendar. On the 3rd Wednesday in August, our students are asked to dress up in the theme given by the Children's Book Council of Australia and celebrate this special event. Family members and playgroup students are invited to join us in the library at 1.30pm for great stories, many craft activities and lots of fun. It is a day that Silkwood students and staff look forward to.

On the Thursday following this event, the children from St John's Kindy join us for Book Week celebrations. They walk down to our school dressed in costumes for a morning of stories, craft and a picnic morning tea.


Readers' Cup


This annual event in the middle of fourth term, is for students in the senior class and has been hosted by Silkwood State School for the past 5 years. Students from the Cassowary Coast and Cane Cutter Cluster of Schools are invited to participate in this competition to take home the Readers' Cup trophy. Students are asked to read five books in preparation for this event. They are grouped in school groups and answer questions relating to the books they have read. Following the competition, the children then compete in a literature challenge.


Book Fair

Every year, Silkwood State School hosts a Book Fair for our school community. This is an event where we have our very own book shop at school. It is very well supported and provides us with an opportunity to purchase some new reading material.

Last reviewed 06 August 2021
Last updated 06 August 2021