Principal’s welcome


​I am honoured to have had the wonderful opportunity of leading the staff of Silkwood State School in serving the families of the Silkwood and Kurrimine communities. This is a great responsibility in such an historic, rural, Far North Queensland school.

Our community is extremely proud of its school and provides whole-hearted support to all activities, whether they be academic, social or cultural.

As educators, we are committed to designing and implementing quality curriculum; effective transitions from birth to prep and year six to secondary school; and optimising student engagement in the education system.

Silkwood State School's specific priorities include:

  • Reading Improvement – This is the school's Explicit Improvement Agenda. We believe reading is necessary for learning across all curriculum areas, contributes to self-esteem and confidence, can be both enjoyable and informative and is an essential life skill. At Silkwood State School reading is encouraged through daily shared, guided and independent reading group rotations in all year levels, a home reading log which needs to be signed by a carer each day, new books given as rewards to students on the weekly parade and individual student reading goals regularly assessed, achieved and revised.
  • Community Engagement – Our school exists to serve the communities of Silkwood, Kurrimine Beach and surrounds in providing the best possible educational opportunities for their children. We unlock the potential of school/community partnerships by inviting parents to our weekly parade where student achievement is recognised; cooperation with a dynamic Parents and Citizens group on fundraising, cultural and educational projects; invite parents and carers into the school regularly for 'meet the teachers' evening, parent/teacher interviews and sports days; offering a free weekly playgroup in one of our air conditioned activity rooms and communicating important messages through group text, email, website and fortnightly newsletter.
  • Staff and Student Health and Wellbeing – We believe that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Each morning, the students who arrive before the first bell engage in a range of organised physical activities and games. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday staff and volunteers also provide 'breakfast club' for those needing a nutritious start to their day. Health, Physical Education, Dance and Music (including individual instrumental music specialist lessons) are all part of our weekly curriculum offerings and lead to inter-house and inter-school sports days, school performances and concerts. Health is a staff priority also with a mandatory part of each staff meeting addressing mental health and all staff encouraged to engage in fitness and recreational activities held each week at the school.

Silkwood State School is set within a tropical paradise, adorned by modern, well-resourced infrastructure and staffed by experienced, caring, local educators. This offers an ideal learning environment for our most valuable asset – our children.

Yours in education,
Chris Cattarossi

Last reviewed 10 December 2021
Last updated 10 December 2021